Decking the Halls Art Initiative

  • The Mount Holly Township School District and Board of Education value its art programs!  To this end, we have created the "Decking the Halls" Art Initiative.  Each year, students have their artwork nominated by their art instructors.  Michael Ziegler, our instructor K-5, and Lynne Lutz, our instructor 6-8, will nominate students' artwork that they feel reflect hard work, effort, and style.  These pieces of art will be framed and hung in various places in our school district.

    The students will be recognized with a certificate at a Board of Education meeting, and they will receive their framed artwork at the end of the school year as a token of appreciation for their hard work and effort. 

    The art instructors will nominate students each year, and these new pieces of art will replace the artwork from the year before.  It is a way we celebrate the hard work of of our students and the arts! 

    "The object of art is to give life a shape."  - Jean Anouilh