F.W. Holbein Middle School Advanced Math Program

  • F.W Holbein Middle School Advanced Math Program


    Mission Statement

    The primary focus of the Advanced Math Program is to help academically talented students achieve at their optimal level in their math program. Teachers are committed to providing challenging curriculum and to maintaining high expectations for all students.


    Our courses include:

    • 6th Grade Honors Math
    • 7th Grade Pre-Algebra
    • 8th Grade Algebra 1 (covers both 8th grade skills in addition to RV’s Algebra I)

    Advanced math students are expected to master content at an accelerated rate while also achieving a higher depth of understanding. Students should be able to:

    1.     Demonstrate a willingness to work on assignments outside of school. Homework expectations are more rigorous. Late work can be handed in up to 3 days late for 6th grade, 2 days late for 7th and 1 day late for 8th to receive partial credit. Assignments after the late days will be considered a 0.

    2.     Demonstrate a willingness to learn and use math vocabulary and symbols. They will be working alone and in small cooperative groups to problem solve.

    3.     Demonstrate a willingness to communicate in more-formal mathematics ways. They will be expected to take notes and show their methods for problem solving.

    4.     Demonstrate an appreciation and willingness to follow classroom procedures.


    Frequently asked questions:

    How are the Advanced Math classes different than the general math classes?

    The Advanced Math classes follow the same core curriculum but with added rigor, additional assignment requirements, and higher expectations. Students are expected to respond to more open-ended, higher- level questions and go deeper into concepts and application.

    Is there more homework in the Advanced Math classes?

    Homework is assigned generally Monday through Thursday, like the other classes. However, the complexity of the homework is more advanced rather than the quantity.

    What is the Exit Policy if my child is not doing well?

    Students must maintain a C or better to stay in the Advanced Math program for that year. If they fall below a C, they will be put on probation until the next progress report. At that time, it will be determined if the student can remain in the program, or will be exited to the general math program. Typically, a student that maintains a C average for an entire year will not be recommended for the Advanced Math program the following year.

    If my child takes Algebra 1 in 8th grade, will they have to take it again in 9th grade?

    8th grade Algebra I students will take a final exam, provided by RVRHS at the end of 8th grade. If the student gets a passing score on the final exam, as well as keeping a required overall grade point average in ALL subjects though the year, they will be eligible for the Honors Geometry class in high school. If they do not meet the requirements, they can take Algebra 1 Honors or at the least Algebra 1.

    The Holbein Math Team is here to answer any other questions you may have. We look forward to a great year!