• Children who enter the district for the first time are required to have a PHYSICAL EXAMINATION performed by a licensed physician, physician's assistant, or certified nurse practitioner completed within 60 days of entry. All Pre-K and Kindergarten students entering school for the first time must present a physical examination upon entry into the school district. It is recommended  that subsequent medical examinations of children at least once during each developmental stage, at early childhood (pre-school through grade three), pre-adolescence (grades four through six) and adolescence (grade seven through twelve).

    Middle school students who wish to participate in an interscholastic or intramural sport require a current physical examination  (within 365 days).  For each sport your child wishes to participate in, a new health history questionnaire must be completed by the parent/guardian.  Only one current physical exam is required er school year; however participation in subsequent sports requires the completion of a new health history questionnaire with each sport.