What is the DRA? What do the levels mean?

  • What is the DRA?

    DRA stands for Developmental Reading Assessment. It is a test that our school uses to determine our student's strengths and weaknesses in reading. It also pin points what level our students are at in their reading development. The test consists of each student reading a book to a teacher and the teacher observes how the student reads based on their fluency and comprehension. The test is given atleast 3 times a year to each student, and sometimes more if it is needed. We use the information and data we collect from the DRA to plan instruction for each student that targets their specific needs. It also allows us to teach using books that are at each students instructional level, so that the books will not be too easy or too hard for the student. It also helps us determine what level of book we should use with the student in order to challenge them and move them along in their reading development without frustrating them.

    What do the levels mean?

    Listed below are the levels that your child should be around at each point in their schooling.

    Reading does not develop at the same rate for every student. If a student is more than half a grade level behind, that is when it becomes a concern. Ideally, a kindergartener should be at least a DRA level 3 by the end of the year!


    Going into Kindergarten~A

    Early Kindergarten~1

    Middle Kindergarten~2

    End Kindergarten~3

    Beginning of 1st~4

    Early 1st~6

    Middle 1st~8

    Middle 1st~10

    Middle 1st~12

    Middle/End 1st~14

    End of 1st~ 16

    Beginning of 2nd~18

    Early 2nd~ 20

    Middle 2nd~24

    End 2nd~ 28

    Beginning of 3rd~30

    Early 3rd~ 34

    Middle 3rd~38

    End of 3rd~40