Kindergarten Math

  • We follow the Houghton Mifflin Math In Focus Curriculum!


     Below are some of the math skills your child should master by the end of the year! Math can be done anytime, anywhere! Always count with your child, practice number writing, practice combining sets, and ask them: Which one has more? Which one has less? Which one is greater?

    Counting can be done in the car, at the table, while on a walk or while watching TV! Count, count, count!! Compare, compare, compare!!

    Kinders do very well counting with manipulatives! Pasta pieces, pencils, erasers, cups... the possibilities are endless! :-)


    count out objects up to 30

    write numbers 1-30

    count to 100

    find out how many more you will need to make 10

    count on from any number

    count backwards from any number

    know the difference between more and less

    know the difference between short, short, shortest  and long, longer, longest

    know the difference between length and height

    add and subtract 1 digit numbers

    compare sets and have them identify how many more, how many less?