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  • Classroom News!
    Communication is the key to success for all students! This page will update you on what units we will be studying for the year. 

    What We're Working On: 
    2016-2017 School Year

    **Please look for our School-to-Home Connection Newsletter for each chapter

    Chapter 1: Numbers to 1,000

    Chapter 2: Addition up to 1,000

    Chapter 3: Subtraction up to 1,000

    Chapter 4: Using Bar Models: Addition and Subtraction

    Chapter 5: Multiplication and Division

    Chapter 6: Multiplication Tables of 2, 5, and 10

    Chapter 7: Metric Measurement of Length

    Chapter 8: Mass

    Chapter 9: Volume

    Chapter 10: Mental Math and Estimation

    Chapter 11: Money

    Chapter 12: Fractions

    Chapter 13:Customary Measurement of Length

    Chapter 14: Time

    *We will continue implementing our new Reading Wonders Program!
    *Please look for our weekly School-to-Home Letters

    Unit 1: Friends and Family:
    • The Big Idea: How do families and friends learn, grow, and help one another?

    Unit 2: Animal Discoveries:
    • The Big Idea: How do animals play a part in the world around us?

    Unit 3: Live and Learn:
    • The Big Idea: What have you learned about the world that surprises you?

    Unit 4: Our Life, Our World:
    • The Big Idea: How do different environments make the world an interesting place?

    Unit 5: Let's Make a Difference:
    • The Big Idea: How can people make a difference?

    Unit 6: How on Earth:

    • The Big Idea: What keeps our world working?

    Writer's Workshop: (Genre Focus)

    Unit 1: Narrative Text

    • Personal Narrative
    • Friendly Letter

    Unit 2: Informative Text

    • Explanatory Essay
    • How-To-Text

    Unit 3: Opinion

    • Book Review
    • Opinion Letter

    Unit 4: Narrative Text/Poetry

    • Fictional Narrative
    • Poetry

    Unit 5: Informative Text

    • Explanatory Essay
    • Compare Contrast

    Unit 6: Informative Text

    • Summary
    • Research Report