My Theme Words of the Week - High Frequency and Vocabulary Words

  •  Here you can find the list of the current weeks Themed High Frequency words and vocabulary words that go along with the stories we are reading. Please be sure that your child is practicing these words.  Often these are words you cannot sound out and they need to know wth a snap (AKA Snap Words).

    Activities to try with your child:

    Create your own word wall words at home. Play games with the words such as asking the student to name words or for the student  to point words and test you to see if you get it write.

    Have them write the words you say in rice and they can use the word wall to help them if needed.

    Have students write the words in complete sentences.

    Speed read: flash the cards to the student and see if they can read it real fast. Make it a game and flip the card over and see who can read it first. The fastest person gets the card and the person with the most cards at the end wins.