About us

  • John Brainerd Elementary School serves close to 400 students through a half day 3 and 4 year old Special Education Preschool Program, and a full day General Education Program serving Preschool through 1st Grade.

    At John Brainerd Elementary School our focus is on the development of the whole child, addressing physical, social, academic and emotional growth. This is achieved in a nurturing, safe and stimulating environment where caring teachers recognize the differences in children and provide opportunities to learn. Classroom aides in grades Preschool, Kindergarten, as well as, Transitional First and Second, assist the students in reaching their developmental potential.

    Our curriculum includes a Literacy Program consisting of 90 minutes of uninterrupted lessons which includes Guided Reading Instruction and Independent Learning Centers, 70 minutes of uninterrupted Math, and a 30 minute block specifically for Writer’s Workshop.

    Classroom activities are enriched and supported by our Special Area Teacher’s across the curriculum by engaging the students in activities which complement the topics at the student’s grade level. Our services also include English as a Second Language Program, Title 1 Program and our new Transitional First Grade Program.

    Technology continues to grow in our school with 6 computers in every classroom, a mobile lab which is composed of 150 laptops with internet access and Promethean boards in every classroom. Students are able to use instructional software such as Education City, Reading Eggs, Math Seed, Happy Numbers, Connect and Think Central, all of which are directly related to the areas of curriculum being studied. In addition to the district and school web page, teachers are able to communicate with parents by email, while individual teacher’s web pages provide another manner in which parents can remain informed, along with daily online access to their child’s grades.

    In addition to our academics programs, the staff at John Brainerd Elementary strives to develop the whole child by strengthening positive social interaction and encouraging a strong self-image. Our Character Education Program reinforces positive character traits and encourages students to make good choices. The students are recognized throughout the schoolyear with “Brainerd PRIDE”and Student of the Month Reward Programs.

    We are most proud of the fact that John Brainerd Elementary School provides a wonderful, supportive learning environment where teachers love to teach and students love to learn.



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