OUR VISON: Every Student will have an excellent educational experience.

    OUR MISSION: Cultivate the capacity for lifelong learning, the creativity for innovation, and the curiosity for exploration.

    OUR CORE VALUES: We pursue excellence through perseverance, integrity, collaboration, and inspiration. 

    Today the Mount Holly Township Public School District is better positioned to seize the opportunities set before us and to improve its position in the local, regional, and global educational arena as a high performing school district.

    • We are a Board of Education that pledges to serve the community and make a difference in the lives of every student that enters our schools,
    • We are innovative leaders who pursue excellence through research-based best practices,
    • We are dedicated and highly qualified educators,
    • We are passionate and committed parents,
    • We ensure that school security is a top priority, and
    • We continue to maintain a fiscally responsible and educationally rich budget.
      The district has identified several areas to improve over the next five years. To provide every student with an excellent educational experience, we are developing:

    An academic environment that supports the whole child and promotes the long-term development and success of all children,

    • A positive and inclusive learning environment that promotes acceptance and tolerance;
    • A stronger communication and connection to the home and the community,
    • A collaborative focus and articulation among the three district schools, and between the school district and its regional high school, vocational school, colleges, and universities, and
    • A strategy to promote sustainable practices for a healthy student body, a cleaner planet, and a prosperous community. 

    Support for Families from the New Jersey Department of Education
    As parents or guardians, you want nothing more than an excellent education for your children.  The New Jersey Department of Education wants to support you in this endeavor.  Please visit www.njfamilies.com to find resources to help you support your child(s) education.  You can also sign up for the Department's mailing list at http://www.state.nj.us/education/.