(*Please note that students must have a current physical in order to try out and participate in a sport.)

    Physical packets must be fully completed*

    This includes:

    Vision screening (family doctor to complete)

    Parent/guardian signature (history form)

    Doctor signature and office stamp (physical examination form)  

    Parents must also sign off on the documents for:

    Sudden Cardiac Death pamphlet

    Sports-Related Concussion and Head Injury Use

    Misuse of Opioid Drug Fact sheet

    *Please note that incomplete packets will be returned to the student and cannot be accepted.


    Physical forms due dates  (no exceptions):

    Intramural Basketball - November 22nd 

    Floor Hockey - January 22nd

    Softball -  February 18th

    Baseball - February 18th

    Track - February 18th

    Tennis Clinic - May 5th



    Please click on the link for each sport for additional information.