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    The more you READ
      the more THINGS you know.
    The more that you LEARN,
     the more PLACES you'll go!
                     -Dr. Seuss

    My name is Ms. Babilino and I am the 1st grade basic skills (BSI) teacher.  I graduated from Rowan University and have been teaching in Mount Holly for the past 14 years.  I have had the pleasure to teach in different grade levels, therefor I know where the students need to be in their academic adventures.  

    Basic skills is a program for students that are reading below grade level. The future goal is for your son/daughter to improve their reading level by the end of the school year. Without you, your child, the child's teacher, and my help BSI will not be successful.

    By implementing a basic skills program within our school, we are able to utilize small groups within the classroom and plan for targeted instruction that meets your child's specific needs. Your child will be working one on one or in a small group with me in his/her own classroom during their normal literacy period. Each day we will read selected text concentrating on reading fluency, phonic skills, and comprehension.  The students will also work on sight words that student should know from Pre-K through 1st grade.

    Each student progresses in their own way and at their own pace.  With the BSI program it is our hope that we will close the gap of difficulties they are having.