Facility Rental Information

  • Facility Request Instructions:

    The Mount Holly Board of Education believes the school facilities of this district should be made available for community purposes, provided that such use does not interfere with the educational and co-curricular programs of the school district.


    No Request will be processed for approval until all information has been submitted:

    1. Complete the Facility Request form.


    1. On page 1, be sure to include the School Building as well as the area/field location.  For billing purposes, include the number of hours, days and times for each event.  Dates should be entered individually on each line for approval.


    1. On page 2 of the Facility Request Form, sign the Insurance/Indemnification statement.


    1. Attach a Certificate of Insurance listing the “Mount Holly Township School District” as additional insured for the dates included on the request and the limits listed.


    1. Review district’s Concussion Policy and sign the acknowledgement statement.


    1. All information must be filled in, including the list of decorations/materials.



    1. Submit all completed forms with the Certificate of Insurance to the Main Office of the building you are requesting to use.


    1. The Principal of the building will review the request.  If approved, it will be forwarded to the Buildings and Grounds Director. 


    1. The Buildings and Grounds Director will review for staffing purposes.


    1. Final approval will be made by the Business Administrator.   An invoice will be generated for all usage fees.



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