Instructional Practices

  • The Folwell Elementary School community, through the commitment of dedicated staff and supportive parents, ensures that all students receive a preeminent education.  Fostered in our children is the ability to be critical and creative thinkers, responsible citizens and life-long learners.  Through the use of solidly tested research principles, an infusion of technology, collaboration, communication, creativity and critical thinking, educators can build students who are master problem solvers, creative thinkers, have the ability to acknowledge multiple perspectives, and respect diversity. In doing this, Folwell Elementary School will be able to celebrate the fact that it has prepared the students of Mount Holly for a world that continues to grow increasingly complex and interconnected.

    Data-Driven / Research Tested Practices


    Inquiry-based learning opportunities

    Balanced Literacy

    Guided Reading

    Leveled Literacy 

    My Math Curriculum


    Scientific Research

    Social Studies

    Technology Integration


    Targeted Interventions

    Service Learning

    World Language



    Physical Education


    Extended Day Remediation