• Breakfast in the Classroom  



    Breakfast in the Classroom

    Research indicates that eating breakfast helps students pay attention, improves academic performance, and leads to better behavior in the classroom.  Mount Holly Public Schools is making an effort to increase participation in our School Breakfast Program.  Students at F. W. Holbein

    Middle School will be served a healthy breakfast in their homeroom classrooms.  Using the "Grab N Go" Breakfast philosophy, students will be served breakfast from a mobile service cart.

    Here are a few points of clarification regarding our breakfast program:


    • A full breakfast under our program consists of a pre-packaged breakfast kit (cereal, graham crackers, juice, fresh fruit, and milk).

    • If you DO NOT wish your child participate in the breakfast program, please contact the main office immediately and complete this form.

    • Forms will take approximately 1 week to process.

    • Breakfast prices for the 2017-2018 school year are $1.70 at Folwell and $1.80 at Holbein per day.

    • If you qualify, reduced price breakfast is $.30.  Those who qualify for free lunch will be served breakfast at no cost.

    • Please be aware that students arriving to school late WILL NOT be served breakfast.