Curriculum and Instruction

  • "It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge." 

     - Albert Einstein                                                                                             

    Welcome to the Curriculum Page of the Mount Holly Township Public Schools.  The curriculum department is responsible for all aspects of the curriculum program for the Mount Holly Schools.  Focusing on meeting the New Jersey Student Learning Standards, the curriculum office intends to provide students with a rich and rigorous learning experience.  Administrators, teachers and educational specialists work collaboratively to identify the needs of Mount Holly school students and to build curricula based on various learning styles and maintaining a high level of student engagement.  Our programs, based upon best-practice research are continuously reviewed, revised and developed, preparing Mount Holly students for a successful high school and college experience, and further opportunities for innovation in 21st century careers.

    The curriculum office also supervises the following programs:

    -          ESL  (English as a Second Language)
    -          ACE (Gifted and Talented)
    -         All Title I services for students (Basic Skills Programs, Extended Day Programs)
    -          State testing (PARCC, NJASK, ACCESS).

    Effective professional development of teachers is an essential component for successful teaching and learning.  Acquiescent to the New Jersey Department of Education’s definition of professional development, professional learning opportunities are aligned with student learning and educator development needs and school, school district, and/or state improvement goals. 

    Professional development is accomplished through:

    -          Teacher In-Services (five times a year)
    -          Summer Institutes
    -          Modeling research-based best practices
    -          After school professional development meetings.


    About the Director

    I believe the office of curriculum and instruction could be rebranded as the office of compliance and innovation.  My philosophy of education is brief.  Never buy another desk.  I mean this figuratively and literally.  Education will not change until we change it.  We believe that students should be immersed in collaborative environments, centered around rigorous activities.  In Mount Holly, we believe every child should have an excellent educational experience.  That may mean something different for each student and it is our mission to ensure that each child has that excellent experience.  That may come through various opportunities and innovations.

    Please email or call the curriculum office with any questions.

    Dr. Michael Ostroff, Director –

    Curriculum Office Phone Number:  609-267-7200 x7112